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    Private Treaty Sale of 50 HL 5-Vessel Century Brewhouse (42 BBL) & Lattner 50 HP Boiler

    Featuring: Century 50 HL 5-Vessel Brewhouse (42 BBL) & 2011 Lattner 50 HP Boiler, Including 80 HL Pre-Kettle, 50 HL Brew Kettle, 52 HL Lauter Tun, 49 HL Mash Tun, 60 HL Whirlpool, Control System (5) Brewhouse Pumps, Heat Exchanger, Condensate Return, All Interconnecting Piping with Inline Flow Meters, & 2011 Lattner 50 HP Natural Gas Boiler w/ Updated Burners.


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    Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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    This listing is available for immediate sale.

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    18% buyers premium applies to all sales and local sales tax without exemption form. buyers premium applies to all purchases.