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    Boulder City, NV – Pilot Scale Milk Formula Plant

    Featuring: Retorts, Frautech Cold Milk Separator, Mini-Homogenizer, Microfluidizer, CIP System, 1,000 Gallon Glycol Jacketed Tanks, Cheese Vats, Drain and Finishing Tables, Milk Analyzer, PD and Centrifugal Pumps, Chillers, Boilers, Reverse Osmosis, Air Compressors, HEPA Filtered Clean Rooms, Pouch Fillers, Packaging, Large Lab, Forklifts, Plant Support.

    Location address:

    Boulder City, NV

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    Sale Start Date: Thursday, July 25, 2024

    Sale Start Time: 11:00 AM (EST)

    Sale End Date: Thursday, August 1, 2024

    Sale End Time: 11:00 AM (EST)