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Complete 10 BBL Microbrewery and IP

Indianapolis, IN

Property Description

Indianapolis, IN – Downtown Indianapolis Microbrewery Available for Continued Operation Including Intellectual Property

Featuring: Portland Kettle Works 10 BBL Brew Kettle w/ 15 BBL Mash Tun, JV Northwest and GW Kent Fermenters up to 30 BBL, 7 BBL Brite Tank, Microcanner 3-Head Canner, Glycol Chiller, Water Filtration, Keg Washer, (2) Walk-in Coolers, COP, Support, Taproom, Recipes, and Trade Names. Financials Available with NDA.

Contact Information

Eric Weiler

Building Summary

  • Located on the East side of downtown Indianapolis, in the historic Bottling House of the former Home Brewing Company
  • 2,500 BBL Annual Production Capacity
  • Active state-wide distribution contract in place with local craft beer distribution company
  • Estimated Annual Revenue Potential: $1.7M Retail: $1.1M • Wholesale: $0.6M*
    *Estimated figures suggest operating at full capacity on all existing equipment sold 30% Taproom and 70% Distribution

Equipment Summary

  • Portland Kettle Works 10 BBL Direct Fire Boil Kettle
  • 15 BBL Mash Tun
  • (4) 30 BBL Jacketed Fermenters (JV Northwest and GW Kent)
  • 20 BBL Jacketed Fermenter
  • (2) 7 BBL Jacketed Fermenters
  • 7 BBL Brite Tank
  • Microcanner 3-Head Canning Line
  • Packleader In-Line Can Labeler
  • Advantage Glycol Chiller
  • Reverse Osmosis Filtration System w/ 2,000 Gallon Water Storage
  • Semi-Automatic Keg Washer
  • (3) Commercial-Grade On-Demand Water Heaters
  • (2) Walk-in Coolers
  • CIP Pumps & Hoses
  • Chill Plates
  • Air-Compressor
  • Support Equipment & Parts
  • Draft System
  • Taproom w/ Furnishings, Lighting & Sound System
  • Office Equipment
  • Concert Sound-System
  • Delivery Van
  • Award-Winning Recipes
  • Trade Names
  • Intellectual Property Including Large Social Media Following & Internal Email Marketing Lists