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    Private Treaty Sale Of A Late Model Ilapak Continuous Motion Stand-Up Bag Poucher With Mezzanine And Scale

    Currently Producing Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers


    Featuring: (1) Ilapak Filldose LUXHS Bagger/Filler/Sealer, (2016) s/n LUXS007-1, (1) Ilapak LUXHS Automated Bag Feeder Stand, (2016) s/n LUXS007-2, (1) Markem-Imaje Model 9410 Marking & Coding Station with touch screen controller, (2018) s/n US18400562, (1) Ilapak Weightronic WA 24/10 TWB Wash-Down Multihead Combination Weigher s/n 0630880151, (1) Deamco Bucket Elevator, Exit Conveyor with (1) Thermo Scientific Apex 300 Metal Detector, touch screen controls, (1) Thermo Scientific Versaweigh Check Weigher, (2017), reject station., Line ends after reject station, no other equipment included, Line speeds approx. 30-110 bags per minute, Spare tooling sizes “O”, “H” & “L”.

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    910 Dalton Lane
    Bolingbrook, IL

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