2017 Prepared Soup Plant

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    Nashville, TN  – 100,000 Square Foot State of the Art Prepared Soup Processing & Packaging Plant

    Featuring: 2017 Single and Multi-Serve 12-Head Diving Nozzle Soup or Sauce Filling Line, 2017 E-Pak 4-Station Spindle Capper with Hopper and Adjustable Cap Chute, 2016 Cooling Tunnel, 2016 Ishida X-Ray, 2016 Tronics Labeler, 2017 Delkor Spot-Pak Automatic Shrink Bundler, Hartness Drop Case Packer, 2016 Bosch Tub Filling Line, (6) 2016 Century Freon 404A Chiller Skids with Bitzer Recipe Compressors, 2016 Freon Blast Freezer Compressor System and Blowers, 2016 Coastline Single and Twin Spiral Chillers, (12) Stainless Steel Scrape Surface Kettles and Processors with Standard and Incline Scrape Agitation, 2016 Combi Erector Manual Pack and Case Taper. 2016 Bel 505 Fast Pack and G3 Versa Pack with Bel 252, 2016 Bosch Doboy CBS-D Continuous Band Sealers, Hinds-Bock Piston Fillers, Continuous Pressure Sensitive Labelers, Air Compressors, Boiler, Large Quantity of Stainless Steel Conveyor, Spiral Up and Spiral Down, Ambient Cooling Spirals, 2016 Kelvion 12’ x 70’ Continuous Bath Chiller with Mueller Three-Unit Falling Film Water Chillers, 2016 COP Sinks, Edlund Can Opening and Crushing System, 2017 Videojet Coders, Pumps, VFD Pumps, Cluster Buster, Sanitary Piping, Over the Line Ladders and More.

    Location address:

    2960 Armory Drive
    Nashville, TN 37204

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    Sale Start Date: Wednesday, June 12, 2019

    Sale Start Time: 11:00am (EST)

    Sale End Date: Wednesday, June 19, 2019

    Sale End Time: 11:00AM (EST)

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    Lot Numbers: 1-341

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